Pastor Jeff's Corner

By Pastor Jeff on Friday, June 06, 2014 1:09 PM
As I knelt down at the altar during corporate prayer time before classes and service last Sunday morning, I distinctly and quickly heard these words: "Go deeper." When I began as pastor of Abundant Life Fellowship six years ago, I heard a very similar instruction: "Embrace the Deep." At the time, I launched a series of teachings with that title, and it seems we've touched on and revisited and dug into the topic of a deep, meaningful and abiding relationship with Jesus Christ frequently during these six years. So when I heard the instruction "Go deeper" on Sunday, it gave me pause. "Haven't we already done this?" I found myself asking. "Go deeper." I told the church during morning and evening services about the word. "Get ready to go deeper, everybody." I know the word was for me, but I've learned that often if it's for me, it's also for all of us. As I studied this week, I gained new and yes, deeper, insights into familiar - and some of my favorite - scriptures about living life in the deep. So this Sunday,...

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Message from a child

A brief greeting from a child left recently on a classroom erase board brought a smile to my face. It remains on the board as a reminder of the impact of children on the body of Christ.

Reminder of a Covenant

A double rainbow appeared over the area, including Abundant Life, last fall, a great reminder of God's covenant of love with his people.

More trees and roots

When the whole tree and roots messages came about, my nephew Austin Kleon, a writer, artist and web designer in Austin, Texas, created this piece for my birthday. What's especially cool about it is the three panels, which clearly depict the three physical stages of growth experienced by Abundant Life. Check out more of Austin's work, including details about his book titled "Newspaper Blackout Poems," on his website: